Traditional Caricatures


We offer both traditional and digital entertainment. Traditional entertainment caricatures are drawn by hand in one or more types of materials including ink, pencil, marker, chalk, or pastel on high quality paper. Illustrations are available in color as well as in black & white.
Here's what you can expect from our traditional caricatures ...

Exaggeration - We only emphasize and capture the best qualities in the individuals we draw. Our aim is flattery and feel-good humor - in other words, we draw everyone a few years younger and a couple of pounds lighter.


Attention to Detail - We draw personalized (and humorous) caricatures of faces or full body depicting activities, hobbies, occupations, and sports.


Speed - Headshots in black & white take 3-5 minutes for each person, while the head and body are done in 5-7 minutes or approximately 12 -16 caricatures per hour. We can provide pre-drawn bodies on pre-printed paper to save time and incorporate a reoccurring theme into each caricature.


No Waiting Lines - We distribute numbers to guests as they line up for their caricature so they can enjoy your event and revisit us when it’s closer to their turn.


Protection - Each one is presented in a clear plastic sleeve for protection.


Sizes - We use high quality, thick, standard size paper so your caricatures will be easy to frame.


Pre-printed Paper - We can provide pre-printed 11x14 papers with your customized text, logos, event dates, and a unique border.



Minimum  booking requirement is 2 hours.


Minimum booking requirement is 3 hours during holiday season (October, November and December) and for out of town events.  Rates do not include traveling fee, which may be applicable depending on location.


All prices in US Dollars.


Prices and number of artists are only approximates, and are not guaranteed during major holidays and 3 day weekends.


KOUROSH (founder of Creative Caricatures)

What has made Kourosh a success beside obvious artistic talents, is his unique sense of humor. Early in his life, Kourosh gained his degree in architectural engineering. But being somewhat of a “NIGHT OWL”, he opted to stay self-employed, so that he wouldn’t have to get up early for work each morning. Kourosh has dedicated his life to creating caricatures and cartoon illustrations. His work has appeared in Time magazine, on CNN, and in many ads, in a variety of publications. Kourosh created caricatures for the 1988 Democratic convention, and the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA. He has been commissioned by many fortune 500 companies, the list including: Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, Ford Motor Co., AT&T, Sears, etc. From the day Kourosh decided to pick up a pencil and start drawing, the world has not been the same.

Specialty - Traditional & Digital Caricature, Entertainment



 With over 26 years of experience, Susan has entertained professionally in the Atlanta area as well as, out of state. Over the years Susan has drawn countless caricatures, for corporate events such as conventions, trade-shows, employee and customer appreciation, wedding receptions and much more. Susan received her BFA from The Atlanta College of Art.


Arash is a visual artist an animator. He has had parts in several Animation and Game projects as an Animations, visual developer and Art Superviser. He does traditional and digital illustration, concept design and 2d Animation. He currently lives in ATLANTA, GA.

Specialty - Digital Arts, Pixel Art, Visual Development, 2D Animation 



Darlene Lauth has been drawing since she was about 3 (the actual year will not be revealed)! An identical twin and native of Decatur Georgia, she started drawing the cartoons she saw on television. She has worked all over the state of Georgia for over 20 years.  Darlene took caricaturing classes from the late Lou Erickson at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and drawing classes at the Atlanta College of Art. She's yet to meet a face she didn't like, fascinated with the diversity.

I started drawing caricatures at Six Flags Over Georgia in the mid-1970's and since then have drawn hundreds of thousands of them for countless corporations, private parties, schools and festivals. Primarily, I draw black & white profile caricatures (a BIG head on a little body doing whatever the subject wants to be doing - hobby, sport, ANYthing - and I am very good and very FAST. It takes me approximately 3 minutes to draw a BIGhead Cartoon - so guests don't wait too long in line. 
In recent years, I have added full-face caricatures (with or without little bodies) as an option and I also offer DIGITAL caricatures drawn on an iPad! My goal is to create a cartoon portrait of my subject and I strive for a likeness that YOU will like.


 Patrick Trujillo is an accomplished caricature artist in Atlanta. He worked for Disney as the first caricature artist at Walt Disney World in October, 1971. He subsequently taught cartooning at UNM and contributed cartoons to the Albuquerque Journal. His work has appeared in countless publications including "American Artist" in 1991. His corporate list of clients includes Turner Broadcasting, CNN, AT&T, Bellsouth, Georgia Pacific, IBM, Price Waterhouse Cooper, Coca-Cola, and many more too numerous to mention. Patrick has drawn crowds from across the U.S., Canada, and Europe and always leaves them smiling.

Specialty - Traditional Caricature, Entertainment



Marcus remembers watching “Win, Lose, or Draw” as a child thinking he would never learn such a creative skill as caricature. Later on in life he attended the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1995. After school Marcus booked his first event at a masquerade party in Midtown Atlanta. As a freelance artist, he has created logos, portraits, album covers, and t-shirt art.


Marcus has worked at many venues such as the Georgia State Fair, North Florida State Fair, Underground Atlanta, Six Flags over Georgia, Norfolk Southern, Santa's Enchanted Forest Park (Miami), Atlanta Braves, CAT (Bobcat-Alabama), Georgia National Fair and The Cherokee Festival (North Carolina). His fondest memories of caricature are drawing at events and the reactions of the people. Marcus has been drawing caricatures for 22 years and is continuing to do what he loves all over the south eastern region.

Mario Luque and his wife are also wedding photographers. They have packages that include caricatures as an affordable add-on. Mario has drawn caricatures since he was in 7th grade and the quarter of a century since. He has drawn at Disney parks and resorts as well as corporate and private events. Some private events include weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, and holiday events. He can draw 12-13 per hour and has also had illustrations published in local to national publications. He is competitively priced and does not charge for mileage if within a reasonable distance from Atlanta. Mario is also a local Atlanta teacher and as such has a clean background and is good with kids - of all ages.


Preston Lindsay  draws with a unique, upbeat style for party entertainment. He has been obtaining uncanny likenesses for over 30 years. His caricatures continue to entertain and delight due to his great attention to detail and his unique, upbeat style. Preston Lindsay creates top-quality, winning illustrations every time. He is located in Atlanta, GA, but his work is enjoyed all over the world. He'll gladly email samples of his work to you upon request.


 Hamid is a visual artist and animator. He is a founding member of the White Crow Cartoon Group and the Bamdad Animation Studio and taught at the Iran House of Cartoon. Besides cooperating with Turner Animation Studio Atlanta as a conceptual artist and developer designer, Hamid currently illustrates childrens books and paints digital portraits.

Specialty - Digital Illustration, Animation


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