Happy Customers

-Cindy Retirement Gift From General Electric-

General Electric in Atlanta celebrated Cindy's retirement with a classic movie style poster, this gift artwork is truly unique and one of a kind because it was specifically made for Cindy herself. 

Kourosh and Amanda,


Thank you so much for creating the perfect gift for Cindy’s retirement.  She just loved it.  (she even had a tear in her eye).  She was also thrilled at the fact she looked so beautiful in the picture – nice touch Kourosh!


All in all, the gift went very well, and many folks thought it was awesome.  It served as a great discussion piece.


It was a pleasure working with you both, and thank you for your patience.  You are very talented Kourosh, and I admired that quality through the process. 


With gratitude,


-  InterContinental Hotel Group  -

 At the InterContinental Hotel Group Employee Appreciation Day, guests received personalized caricatures drawn using a graphics tablet and computer. The drawings entertained the crowd as they came to life projected onto big tv screens. A custom page border was used for the caricatures which included the company logo, script, and hashtags. Finished artwork was printed on site and placed inside protective plastic sleeves. The pictures were also uploaded online where guests could download and use them again for facebook, twitter, and gifts.

-  Stan at TDW  -

This caricature was commisioned as a present for Stan at TDW Services Inc. Coworkers signed the border of the artwork with messages.

"OMG Kourosh!! You have truly outdone yourself!! (And gained a dozen or so new fans!!) We couldn't have asked for a better depiction of Stan!!!"

Sarah Avett, Administrative Assistant, TDW Services, Inc.

-  Coca Cola Employee Caricatures  -

Fun caricatures were made for Coca Cola employees holding different Coca Cola drinks.

-  Coca Cola Coke Retirement  -

A special hand-painted caricature was illustrated to celebrate a retirement at Coca Cola.

"Kourosh ... Everyone loved the art ... Great job!!!"

Christina Manganaro, Coca Colaaa

-  Georgia Credit Union  -

Three caricatures were presented as retirement gifts for employees of the Georgia Credit Union.

"Success! They loved their caricatures, Kourosh. They were still talking about them this morning!"

Kay Lytle, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

-  Hacker Halted  -

These series of 57 caricatures were presented as gifts to the speakers at the Hacker Halted Conference in Florida.

-  COX Retirement  -

This caricature was presented as a gift for Bill's retirement party at COX.

"The caricature was a big hit at the celebration! Bill loves it and I heard many, many compliments throughout the night. Several people wanted to know who did it for us. It was absolutely great! Thanks so much!"

Tammie F. Coley, Exec Director, Enterprise Accounting, Compliance and Finance Solutions, Cox Communications

-  Bill's Retirement  -

Bill's retirement was celebrated with this fun caricature that shows off all his hobbies and interests.

"Hi Kourosh - the illustration looks great! I know it will mean a lot to Bill."

Sherry Myers, Durham Geo Enterprises

-  The Procecutor  -

This caricature was a retirement gift designed as a movie poster for a Cobb County procecutor.

-  The Procecutor  -

Color caricatures were drawn live for a baseball team.

-  Primus Construction Meeting  -

A special 30 x 40 caricature was drawn to commemorate the start of an important project.

"Kourosh!!! It looks amazing!!! Thank you so much!!! Your efforts are truly appreciated! "

Rebecca Elliott, Director of Marketing, Primus Builders, Inc.

-  Charlie Goldstein Bar Mitzvah  -

Charlie's caricature captures his love of baseball. The gift caricature as well as caricature entertainment were provided for his party.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous work at my son's Bar Mitzvah party. I thought the kids would love having a caricaturist there, but quite honestly I think the parents enjoyed it as much if not more than the children. It was amazing. Thank you so much for making my son's party so memorable. We will definitely reach out to you when our younger son is bar mitzvahed in 2 years. Thank you so much. Extremely grateful!"

Renee Goldstein

-  Proposal - Best Place to be is Together  -

Chuck wanted a unique and humerous way to pop the big question to Michelle. He commissioned a caricature with a special message to present his proposal.

"Just letting you know that ALL went well with the picture. She was VERY surprised and she LOVED the "Best Place to be is Together" like what is in our living room of our house in the drawing. By the way ... her answer was "YES, YES, YES and YES!!" Thanks for the GREAT job!! We will think of you every time we see that picture as we're hangin it in our home for permanent display!"

Chuck and Michelle

-  GA Tech Presentation  -

Caricatures were presented to professors at Georgia Institute of Technology as gifts.

"Carsten, a professor in Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering came up to receive his caricature and was so taken with it that he laughed and smiled for almost 5 minutes!"



 Caricatures were drawn for a large office party. The client was extremely pleased with the results.

 "KUDOS to The Nose! The artists that came to our holiday party were wonderful. Everyone had a fantastic time - you should have seen the lines! I want to say that of all our artists that evening, Kourosh was the most popular, and his drawings kept people in stitches. He was not only courteous, talented, and hard working, but he took the time to get to everyone in his line and even stayed a few minutes beyond the party (at his request) to finish up those he had given a number to earlier on since he chose to do details instead of just upper body. He was truly a wonder, and you are so lucky to have him on your team! Please let Kourosh know that he was an exceptional person to work with, and his work was so well received. (I had people stepping out of the main line to form one for him personally - it was pretty impressive.) He also wore his artist's hat, and really looked the part. Some of the stuff he came up with for people was hilarious - and his facials were spot on! He is a true artist, and we thoroughly enjoyed his talents that evening. Thank you."

Wendy Lindly, Executive Assistant, Georgia North Division

-  Hanwha Solar Promotion in San Francisco  -

Caricatures were drawn on full-color, pre-printed paper to promote the South Korean company Hanwha Solar during a Giants baseball game at the AT&T Park in San Francisco.

"Kourosh - Thank you for your amazing work on site at the AT&T Park in San Francisco."

Floriane Miniscloux, Associate Producer, Extraordinary Events

"Dear Kourosh and Vicki - On behalf of the entire team, we would like to thank you for all of your support in making the exciting partnership between Hanwha Solar and the San Francisco Giants a huge success. We truly appreciate your hard work in contributing to a spectacular day for Hanwha Solar. You truly went above and beyond to ensure that everyone's needs were accommodated and stayed om top of all of the details and last minute changes thrown in your direction. Your due-diligence and patience was noticed and appreciated. The event was a great success and we are glad you were a part of it. We know that we cannot do what we do without our valued partners and vendors and we look forward to working together again in the very near future. "

Jon Michaels, Account Executive, Extraordinary Events

-  Kimberly Ann Movie Poster  -

The caricature was made to look like a movie poster showing important scenes from Kimberly Ann's life and hobbies. The caricature measured an impressive 30 by 40 inches.

"We had the birthday dinner for Kim, with some family and friends, on Saturday. Everything went according to plan, and she was quite stunned when we presented the caricature. In fact, our guests were quite intrigued, and so was practically everyone else in the restaurant. One woman asked me where I got it and when we were leaving, two different couples approached me asking if it was for sale (they thought I was an artist promoting my work!) Thanks."

Bruce Geddes

-  Rotary Club of Marietta  -

These 50 caricatures were part of a series that were given as gifts to guest speakers for the Rotary Club.

"Your portrait of David Talbot for the Marietta Rotary Club was phenemonal... Of all the ovations, applause and nice words that David had gotten, not to mention a few pens, pins, flashlights and mugs, we were overwhelmed and amazed by the fabulous portrait cartoon done of David. It was so accurate and captured all his passions and pleasures as well as details of his face. I am telling you, that picture will never be out of our sight. Thanks again."

Candice Talbot (Denver CO)

"Yes, DG Farmer was greatly impressed with the caricature. He said it was the best and most unique gift he has received thus far in visiting 35 Rotary Clubs!"

Mark Barbour, President of Marietta Rotary Club

-  Rotary Club of Marietta  -

These portraits were professionally framed and displayed at the SMC3 Summer Conference 2010. The SMC3 board of directors even had their caricatures used as a design for their ties!

"Thank you for creating the fabulous portraits of our SMC3 BOD! They will be a huge hit at the SMC3 2010 Summer Conference. Thanks for helping us make it a great success."

SMC3 Staff

-  University of the South  -

For 20+ years, we have been invited back to draw caricatures of the students at the University of the South in Sawanee, TN.

"Please accept the thanks of the Office of Student Activities for your recent visit to our campus. It was a real pleasure to have you return to Sewanee: The University of the South for yet another year. Our established track record with you, dating back annually to 1992 is quite remarkable. You are one of the constants in our yearly calendar. Our students appreciate your engaging presence and perception for picking up on aspects of their personality or hobbies that you are then able to include in their picture. From the office perspective, we are very pleased with how easy the process is to get on your calendar and bring you into campus. I wish all of our performers were as easy to get along with and take care of during the course of your visit. You are one of the most gracious spirits that I have encountered professionally. Thank you for sharing your talents and observations with our students for so many years! We look forward to your return. In an entertainment world full of options and inherent risks, the decision to bring you back to campus year after year is an easy one to make."

Jamey Campbell, Director of Student Activities, Sewanee University

-  Larry 80th Birthday  -

This was a birthday gift presented at a party. Guests signed and left messages right onto the artwork.

-  Cure Party -

Parents and children were entertained with caricatures at the CURE Party, an event which helps to raise money for childhood cancer research.

"Where do I even begin? The kids and families and volunteers absolutely LOVED you guys. I truly hope you know how much I appreciate you guys being a part of this event and so look forward to next year!"

Amy Hulett, 2012 CURE Party

-  Lifesize Caricature for a Retirement Party -

This life-sized caricature was painted by hand on illustration paper and mounted on foamboard.

"The caricature was an absolute hit for the retirement party. Many people took pictures with it and John’s family was completely thrilled. He will be taking it home this week to have the rest of his family enjoy it. Thank you so much for your creative art and work. John’s wife said you captured him extremely well. It was a fantastic idea and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing it come to fruition."

Meena Masih Hall, Chief of Staff, Solutions Architecture & Engineering (SA&E), Enterprise Technology Group (ETG), Fiserv

-  Robin Retirement from P&G -

This caricature was presented to Robin, an employee at P&G, as a retirement gift.

"Kourosh - I just wanted to share with you how delighted Robin was with his caricature. We just presented it to him at his retirement party. He literally doubled over and was slapping his leg with joy and amazement at how you captured his career. You were truly part of making this so memorable for Robin and his family - we were very proud to give this to him. Thank you and I hope you know it was greatly appreciated."

Carol Zech

-  Dog Convention  -

Owners and their dogs were treated with caricatures at a dog convention.

-  Burgamy 50th Anniversary  -

This anniversary gift was made into two parts. The first caricature shows the couple 50 years ago while the second caricature is in the present day.

" Kourosh. Let me first say ... WOW. Your artistic talent is exceptional! I am very pleased with the quality work of your illustrations. This present is intended to be a very sentimental element of my parent’s 50th anniversary party, and I believe that you have captured the very essence of what I am after."

Joe Burgamy

-  MDI Group - Achievement Awards  -

These Alice in Wonderland themed caricatures were given as gifts to employees at the MDI Group awards ceremony.

"THEY ARE MAGNIFICENT!! The caricatures were the hit of the event. They are truly amazing -- so far beyond what I could ever have envisioned. I wanted you to know I am just overwhelmed with how amazing they are!! Thank you so very much for your exerting your talent, diligence, and generosity. I am beyond thrilled. I cannot thank you enough for everything -- you have been wonderful and your contribution elevated our event more than I can express to you!"

Lauren Parker, Marketing Director, MDI Group

-  Ryan's Bat Mitzvah  -

We entertained guests and painted a color caricature of Ryan that was used multiple times as decoration at the event.

-  Jay Jarvis Retirement Gift  -

This was a gift presented at a retirement party. A lot of work went into getting details of not only the caricature but the equipment and environment.

"We couldn’t have been happier with the results and the caricature was the hit of the entire retirement party. Kourosh was very communicative; requesting photos of our work space, a list of hobbies/interests of our employee, and spent lots of time on the phone with me to get the artwork just right. The piece was incredibly detail oriented with a unique style. I was also impressed by quickly he worked. He was able to complete the artwork and do a fabulous job in a short amount of time. I would not hesitate to hire Kourosh again for other commissioned works or events. He is a wonderful artist, is very time efficient, and cares about his work!"

Michelle Peck, Forensic Chemist, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Central Regional Crime Lab

-  Chief Justice Carley  -

This caricature was gift presented during an event honoring Chief Justice Carley.

"Thank you again for the amazing caricature you put together so that we could honor Chief Justice Carley this weekend. He and his family were delighted with the artwork. I know it meant a lot to them so thank you for everything."

Mary K. McAfee, YLD Director, State Bar of Georgia

-  Jessica and Kristopher's Rehearsal Dinner  -

This multiple person caricature was drawn live during the wedding rehearsal dinner.

-  Georgia Association Of Water Professionals Convention  -

These caricatures were drawn during a convension for the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.

-  Starfire Group - 3rd Anniversary Celebration  -

The Starfire Group celebrated their 3rd anniversary with a variety of entertainment, including caricatures by Kourosh.

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